Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Love Glass & Pencils!!!

I just got my beautiful tin box of prismacolor jewels FINALLY, or as the non artsy would call them colored pencils but I like to call them portals to somewhere beyond :) I know I am so crazy and eccentric maybe even a little neurotic but oh well thats me. I also got some more glass, because I just filled an order and have no more dang glass and now I do. I got pretty pinks and purple rods to make lampwork beads to make jewelry Yipeeee! Lets also not forget those prismacolor jewels I got, 120 pencils in all, I admit they are a little pricy but I also got 24 New Lightfast prismacolor pencils in addition to that for free!!! I haven't gotten the chance to use them yet. I will probably make my own personal art day all day on Fridays, since that is really my only day off. I work as a nursing assistant and I need to take better care of myself because I haven't been feeling really well for a while, I like Holistic treatments and teas that keep feeling well. I like Green Tea and Earl Grey and Chai Tea which is one of my favorite. I want to do a lot of things differently in my life, and I am letting go of feeling guilty or tell myself that I should do one thing when I really feel like doing another. I am happy I got my pencils and glass and next week I will make ART TIME!

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