Sunday, September 21, 2008

Starting Over With Some New Love For Me

I am so glad that I found out about what Suzi Blu, she is so much fun and I can really relate to her and her art. I mostly make jewelry but in recent years I have started to make more altered art and I love it!! I feel through my art I can be and do anything that I want to do. All my life I was told that my art was something done out of immaturity because I guess it did not look like a VanGogh or something. I am so tired of people judging and telling others, as Suzi would put it, unworthy. So to all the nay sayers, sorry, I have to say Screw you :) I also just recently found out blogging is cheaper than therapy, :) I don't want anyone else to feel like I allowed myself to feel in the past. I am naturally good natured and compassionate and still there was those to put me down, until I deceided not to take it anymore. I will never be a banker or work in a cubicle or even hold down a 9-5 it is not me, it will never be me, so deal with that nay sayers, I have. I am doing what I am fortunate to be able to do which is doing local flea markets and I would love to teach art and jewelry making like glass blowing and handmade glass beads to people who are interested in enriching their lives and nuturing their souls through art. I have learned to take my yummy cappaccino, that I make at home, put some whipping cream on that baby and make art and not feel guilty anymore but happy! I hope to blog as much as I can and I hope to take Suzi's class as soon as I get paid.....I had some customized orders :) I want my pretty grls to be pretty not little alien monsters :) Tell me if you have any similar experiences or if you just want to respond to this blog. I sure would love to meet some new friends. I wish for everyone, some needed me time, so that you all may enjoy your own fabulous cappaccino. Michele

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