Sunday, September 21, 2008

Quiet Moments Alone

Hello Friends It is 6am or so, and I am actually wide awake, so I make more of my time now and create early on when there is no noise and the breeze is cool and the sunlight is faintly streaming through my window. I have my cat Jasmine, dog Lucky, at my side one jumping on my leg and the other meowing so I know it is food time. I do my drawing or beading in my living room and I try to listen to some calming music. I also try to have a cup of tea or a coffee. I go out to the garden to pick my mint leaves for the tea, the sounds of birds surrounds me and I greet my daily visitor Stormy, who is a pretty cat who refuses to be tamed for I hve tried to coax her into my home with no luck. I give her some food and she purrs, I will put some type of shelter for her to sleep in as it can get very cold here in New York. I notice my apple trees are getting huge way past my fence and I wonder if any day now I will be able to pick yummy apples and make pie. I finally settle in on my sofa and my little ones are next to me and all is calm. I am taking care of my mothers sick cat as well, he is a beautiful tabby named Baby Boy, he's on the road to recovery but I still have to make him eat on a schedule and he takes meds so hopefully now it is only a matter of time that he is back to his normal sweet self. In the coming days I hope to add some of my drawings and new boxes that I have started to make. Thanks to you all for listening, Michele

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