Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Turning 30 Means New Attitude & New Awareness

Well I realize that there is more life has to offer than meets the eye. I know that sometimes you can't depend on friends. I know that sometimes people you love are lost and can never be found. I know all this and still sometimes I wish I could remain oblivious and unchanged. I am more self aware than I ever have been. I love children and I love art so my focus now is combining the two and making it happen. I think sometimes it takes a metaphoric car crash to jump start your psyche and that is exacly what happened to me. Turning 30 in a few days, and I realize that I am on a train that I can never stop, but I have the power to whisper in the conductor's ear and he will take me where ever I need to go. So as the story of my life unfolds, your welcome to take this trip with me. I want to focus on only the positives in my life the feelings that bring me peace and light. I always was afraid of the dark, even as a child, but now I know why I am. I have a fear of the unknown, and darkness can sometimes bring uncertainty. All my life, my art was something safe for me, something I would do, to escape to my own private wonderland. Painting is my new passion, I am taking a wonderful art class that has changed my perspective on a few things. I am worthy and I am enough so this is me baby, take it or leave it . Here are the first sketches that I have done, there not bad for someone who makes glass and jewelry. I also have been journaling in my art healing journal. Everyone should have a safe haven, to just doodle and just be themselves. Here are a few pages from mine. A healing journal is just any book that you make your own. Draw, color, write it is all up to you. Whatever and however is up to you.

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