Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Was At The Whole Bead Show 2008

I just got a call and I was accepted to the Whole Bead & Jewelry show in "The Pavilion" in Manhattan, NYC that will take place in October( My favorite month and holiday of course, is Halloween). That place is like an artsy Times Square! Me little old me got accepted!
I feel so good that my work was appreciated. In this show I will feature my new line of handmade glass beads which I love making! I use a table top torch and moretti glass which is murano Italian glass and the best quality you can get. I do love making jewelry, that but I still would love to do more collages and just make pretty girl paintings too.
I sat down at my table to draw and my faces are awful! I practiced my eyes and I couldn't get them to be even or the same size. I was a little upset but other great news cheered me up and that was that my mom's sick cat that I was helping to take care of is doing much better and as the vet put it a miracle! I guess LOVE does go along way. I want to draw my Baby Boy in a collage like in suzi's main page because I love that pic so cute, but I guess I should get my eyes straight first lol.
I think for now I am going to put myself on a mini schedule so I can really prepare for my glass show while still doing pretty girl paintings. I think that is the best way to kinda try to keep the balance. I usually find the best time in the morning. I am going to have this new tea I am trying it is chai chocolate caramel how could that be anything less than Yummy. I wish you all the best, Michele

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