Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Colorful Jewels For Everyday!

Hi all I really am gearing up for the big flea this weekend, go to, for more info and directions, it is in Brooklyn. I no longer think that this area is up and coming, Williamsburg has arrived. With all the diverse and cool shops that you can find vintage t shirts and fabrics if you make clothes to great artists showcasing their work on high top sneakers. I personally find this area like a breath of fresh air, a hideaway from the monotony and pressure of society. A place to go and just be and walk around with a freshly sqeezed yummy juice drink . I would love to work in that area full time, I love the vibe and the way the people dress, and just hang out and have fun . Lots of artists and handmade items can be found there. I found some really great finds myself, a gorgeous handmade scarf, that was made of all different colors and yarns was $30 and I have already recieved lots of compliments on it and hope to get one for my mom too :) Hope to see all of you at Artists And Fleas this wekend :)

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