Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter

Vintage Shell Buttons For Jewelry
Look At Those Amazing Colors!
So I am back to blogging, had a few little medical issues but Thank Goodness me and my Isabella are fine, just have been feeling a bit drained. On a good note, I started painting again and it feels really good. I am in love with making new and exciting back rounds using so many unconventional methods and my work came out so cool looking. I have just been in my own head lately and just been doing stuff that I wanted to do as far as art without any inspiration from other artists, which is nice sometimes to just do that and not feel pressure for your art to look like theirs or whatever. I am obsessed with roses so I am trying to incorporate them into my back rounds as well as a shabby "weaved" look.
Who knows maybe one day I really will have my own Art Class! With me, I know I could do it, It sometimes I can get easily distracted and now with baby on the way I really can only commit to her. My goal is to be more consistent with Art so I can grow. Painting and making jewelry really makes me so happy because it is such a joy to make things with your own two hands. I have such a feeling of accomplishment. I know many people I happen to come across just can't relate, they don't see the appeal of colorful paint splatters on hands and clothes and messy hair and pink cupcake fairy drawings. All they see is the elapsed time.
This is why I so desperately would love to teach children but more importantly adults to regain their sense of wonder and see the magic painting/art can hold.
I have so many beautiful pieces of jewelry that I will offer for sale, as a jewelry fanatic sometimes I can hoard the jewels so they don't make it to my shop :)
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