Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Paintings For Isabella

Just felt like saying Hello to you all and showing you what I have been up to!
I have been finishing up two painting that I am making for my daughter's room. Since I like the drama of the shabby chic I wanted to make something with roses and pinks and turquoise for my Bella, so I did and I think it looks so pretty. I used the speckles of paint method using one paintbrush to hit another as droplets of magic and color appear transforming ordinary canvas to a shabby chic dream.
For the second painting I wanted to add some birds that were nesting since that is where I am at now so Voila! I made the bird's nest with some steel wire and added a speckled "baby bird" ceramic bead in the center, this canvas is textured with sand and really light color washes. I love the feel of this, I love the 3D look and feel of this artwork and it may just be my favorite!
The third is still in progress, I like the overall look of the roses but I still want to add small little flat diamond crystals and some sparkly spray................ I was thinking tattered angels in a pink and just let it drip in randomness. I just like to play and see where it takes me and when I am just free I always get a better result then when I "plan" to do something then it's like I have stage fright and I am afraid to touch anything, so not good for an artist. Lately I get my chocolate sit my big belly down and have fun, me and Isabella and sing silly songs.

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PussDaddy said...

I love the purple painting.