Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shabby Is Happy? YESSSS!

I have always loved shabby chic except when I lived in Florida and I had my cheetah and jungle phase but who hasn't at some point loved a little zebra and cheetah :) Now that we are finally ready to give some of the old dark furniture and jungle collectibles away, I am ready for new and bright. I think some furniture can be saved by painting it so we'll see. Check out this awesome shabby chic site

The Painted Cottage

This little shop on ETSY is awesome and I found so many nice things there, take a peek there are lovely mosaic tables and peeling turquoise armoires! If I only had more funds, I would get everything!! However they are reasonably priced, and I like that someone took the time and love to bring these older pieces back to life.
I am also in the midst of fixing up my craft room into a playroom for Baby, which is OK anyways because I always find myself working in my living room watching TV or listening to some tunes. So I have a really huge closet that has lots of unused space so I will be putting my crafts in there. Anyways it's all about decluttering because I want to make it all easy for myself to find things I actually need. I find it difficult to just throw stuff out because I know I have spent money on that item and at one time I thought I needed it.
So what do ya do? I guess I will have to call Salvation Army and let them have my furniture and older (and some brand new) clothing. As I have gotten older I realize stuff does NOT make one happy. As long as I surround myself with stuff I love and use daily then it's ok.
That's really all I have to say for today, I am very hungry and all I care about is what is going on in my kitchen right now, for Sunday Dinner ;)
Lots Of Love & Enjoy The Day Y'All

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