Thursday, July 8, 2010


The Medusa Necklace
The Medusa Necklace
I have been putting in allot of time into doing local fleas and creating so sleep has not been so restful for a while
I always love my quirky titles that seem perfect to go along with the ramblings in my mind. Maybe lack of the ZZZZZZZZZZZ's
I went to the doctor and the pain that has been plaguing me for 2 months had gotten so bad that I made the appointment for the same day I called! Anyways he says it was a sprained muscle on my side and that since I have been prone in the past to get sciatica, that it is pushing on my nerves and causing it to spasm. So when it does spasm it is like a knife no exaggeration, but I must be either really strong or really stupid because I haven't taken any pain meds. I guess I can just somehow deal with the pain and make my jewelry and do whatever I need to do and not feel loopy, I hate feeling loopy and having to play with my fire torch, no a good combo ......Who says Art can't be a form of therapy! It works for me.
There is always a silver lining, so the pain was worse but has lessened, and I have to attribute it to going to the beach and swimming in the water. I swear, water is a healer and it is so good for you, between the burning calories and great for your spirits! I pray that the ocean will recover from disaster and that is all I can say about that without getting emotional.
I have been going nutty making glass beads and getting new gem beads and 0I almost can say I am all beaded out LOL I do have to say although I am obsessed with making glass and jewelry, my hands do hurt more than I like to admit so in a few days I can finally take a break and concentrate on packing more stuff up to sell.
Look at my beautiful Sea Queen Necklace

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