Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Need Glue? HAPPY 4TH TO ALL!!!!

I am making new charms so I think they look a bit unfinished so I want to attach something cute around them. I need a strong, not so toxic glue that doesn't bubble like Gorilla glue, and something maybe like E6000 but that isn't so harsh. So I am on the hunt for glue today LOL
It is my Dad's birthday today, and I heard about a newer flea in the area so I wanted to see for myself how it looked, so I am off to the flea to see if I can find anything cool to get my Dad, he loves boating and anything related to such so we'll see.
Tomorrow is the 4th, also my sister's birthday, and I am going to have a wonderful time at the family BBQ and hang out by the water and chill.

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