Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This Helped Me So I'm Passin It On..... Reach Your Goals!

Step 1 Put your goal down on paper. Having your goal on your mind isn't enough to make sure it gets done. Write it down, including all of the details and rewards that are included in eventually reaching your goal. Step 2 Break your goal down into smaller time frames. Make small weekly goals that eventually lead to accomplishing the final goal. Step 3 Be specific as you set your goal. Set timelines to reach small weekly goals and set a specific date for your final goal. Get specific about what exactly it is that you are attempting to do. Give yourself as much exact direction ahead of time to ease the process. Step 4 Gather support from people around you. You need encouragement from those who know you best to keep going when it gets rough. Step 5 Find something that motivates you. Daydream about the result of reaching your goal. Ask someoen to hold you accountable. Motivation is key to reaching one's hardest goals. Step 6 Reward yourself as you reach each weekly goal and again when you reach your final goal. Positive reinforcement along the way keeps you headed in the right direction.

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