Thursday, January 14, 2010

Prayers For Haiti

Taking a test tomorrow, so I can get my certification/license in the nursing field again. I am only going to work part time as a nursing assistant right now because I am gearing up to make crafting my primary business. I realize you get what you put in, and as I always put all my love into making my jewelry or paintings, I suck at marketing so I will work on that in the New Year. On a serious note, my heart and prayers go out to all the families who lost loved ones in Haiti. Let's send them all our love and prayers. I can't imagine tragedy like this, and to think I had the nerve to bitch and complain about any aspect of my life is absurd! I have been working on that and I even Thank God every night as I lay in my warm, comfortable bed that I appreciate all that I have and my life and since my thinking has changed I have felt even more blessed. I made this change, a change to choose joy not despair. These poor people in Haiti, sleep in the street huddled together hungry, thirsty, and overwhelmed by the loss of loved ones. I think Americans need to be more appreciative in general to what we do have. I think we should all have to travel to these poor devastated countries and stay there for a week and when we come back to our own US we would realize. I was at fault for this "bratty" behavior as well, but I changed all that. My mother was born in North Africa and my family lived there for many years and believe me the stories I heard sound crazy as an American born citizen, but I promise you what always comes across in all the stories, is how happy they were because of the strong bond of community and they were very in touch with old cultures, fresh foods they were happy with practically nothing. I know that the people in Haiti will come back stronger than before because of their spirit. Anyways tragedies like these really make one appreciate our own lives doesn't it. Also it was nice to see that our President Obama, reacted so quickly to try to help the people in Haiti unlike the Bushster who had let's just say a delayed reaction. Kudos to President Obama!

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