Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Working Time & Baking Time

I need to start separating work time from home time. Right now I am not working which will change soon { I am waiting on taking my NYS license exam as a nursing assistant } I just want to set and keep a certain time that I work in my studio. It has been a week since my wisdom's were taken out and I think 15 pounds later, I am starting to feel better, it wasn't just a normal extraction for the bottom right tooth it was really infected and it was so painful that the pain meds weren't helping. I feel okay now, but eating is really slow going. Anyways that is why right now I am pretty much a professional lounger LOL I think that I will start baking next week, I bought a really cool cupcake pan, and want to make cupcakes for the holidays. Cupcakes with icing that's like a ganach and strawberries. I also may make a Tiramisu cake :) I know everyone will love that or I think maybe Tirimisu cupcakes! I am going to look for a recipe! I also like Nigella Lawson's Fairy cakes which are lighter than air cupcakes. I have her book "How To Be A Domestic Goddess" It has everything in there even recipes for meals and they are not complicated or fussy. This is where all the amazing cupcake recipes are at

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