Sunday, December 13, 2009


I was thinking something like this over the dress
My grown up inspired "Alice" dress that I will have made by this fantastic Etsian
I am not sure I am bold enough to wear these striped stockings! I am planning a party for me and my husbands 5 year Anniversary! Since I love Alice In Wonderland, so much I wanted to have fun with this whole thing and do like a little theme :) Chris liked the idea too, so that's what we are doing. My family has a huge yard and I want to get a big tent and set up tables and chairs with beautiful bows and flowers everywhere! I want to do small tea lights in shimmering white glass votives and have ornate black candlesticks. I also saw something where twinkling lights were put on the sides for added romance and the sides were able to be drawn for privacy. Sort of like The Mad Hatters Tea Party!
We never had a wedding, so we thought it would be sweet and special to plan something we both can remember and have fun with. There will only be like 10 or so people so it will be really doable, I hope. I saw fun invitations on Etsy that I am considering and also a few ideas about what I want to wear and what the hubby wants to wear. We were thinking of matching navy blue silk dress for me and button down blue navy shirt for him.............. with some red accents like a petticoat in red under my dress to make the dress a bit puffy and a matching red boutonniere for Chris shirt. Such Fun! I can't wait! I want to surprise my Love with a new and blingy diamond wedding band! With a beautiful inscription only meant for us to know :) He will flip! I want him to feel special, I mean after all the man does love me and puts up with my antics!!!! So in laue of this absolutely breathtaking gift of blinged out love................ I also want to get perhaps a gag gift, I am not sure what yet, but it is a good crowd who loves to laugh so it will have to be good :)
For My Love
I was going to bake a super huge cupcake with chocolate mousse and strawberries all over with chocolate strawberry icing and a little stick in the center that says EAT ME soooo cute and swizzle sticks that say DRINK ME oooohhhhh and the table cloth will be red with a few playing cards here and there
Check out these yummies!
I need to find Alice pics for my cupcakes! I will put them all in a sealed baggie as a favor and whom ever finds Alice gets a prize!

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