Monday, August 17, 2009

It's Done.... MY Dreams Coming True!!!!!

We All Need Love Sometime
I filled out my financial aid forms and will apply to Studio Jewelers, it is all out of my hands now and I just know it will all be fine and I am even a little scared to do well................I don't even know why, but I am so getting over it because I know I deserve to do what makes me happy :) For a long time I was in a job all about caring for people and still have a weekend gig where I do just that, but I need more in my life, I need me time and I need to fulfill my dreams. I believe that having a passion for something, can only breed success. Jewelery is what I do, this is the medium that speaks to me, everyday for hours any time I need to unwind, my jewels are there.......... so I was reading about careers and saw a few good Oprah episodes and they always say the same thing that you should love what you do ( I realize that sometimes you just have to work because bills and rent are due and most people don't enjoy what they do and just need the $$$$) Sometime you just know the right time to do something when a change seems right and I feel my time is now.
I also love making Les Petite Dolls, this is another guilty pleasure of mine. If you think you can't draw and color and make pretty pictures with sparkles and tissue papers YOU are wrong and it is allot of fun! Take a look at all the workshops that this fabulous artist has I promise you will LOVE LOVE LOVE all her classes, and I was never told to write this, I just took the class and wanted to pass along something good.
Inner Child Painting
I know I can make a difference in other ways as well and I always wanted to help animals so this brings me to my next dream that I will make come true. I want to refinish my basement and rescue animals that have been mistreated and are strays and find them homes. This will be done by next summer at the very latest no matter what is going on in my life. My husband describes me as bursting with love so I am going to use my love of animals and people and bring them together. I know allot of people that need a little furry to love and take care of.

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