Sunday, August 16, 2009

Following The Heart Is So Hard Sometimes

Student hammering metals Yay that is going to be ME!!! Those of you who know me, and follow my blog, know that at times it is hard for me to do what is best for me versus what might be the "right" or I guess "safe" decision. I am going to go to Studio Jewelers in the fall to become a bench jeweler, I love to fix jewelry and do some of it already and I enjoy it, so why not get paid for it. Right? So that's it, this decision is made, now all I have to do is get into the school :) I will learn how to also make jewelry out of fine metals and design jewelry. I will be able to set stones restring pearls professionally and so many other amazing things! It is only for a few months and then I could enter into the jewelry trade as a professional bench jeweler. I looked into the salary and all the info about this trade to make an informed decision and they start out at around 29,000 yr it isn't a whole lot but I know this will make me happy and I think I need a change of career at this point in my life. I would rather make less money and love it and be ambitious to learn because then, there is no other place to aim than up among the stars :) And then I can make even higher end jewels with diamonds and really do well selling my creations from the soul LOL So I hope it all works out and I will keep ya posted.........paperwork tomorrow!

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