Monday, June 8, 2009

Hope You Are Having Fun< I Am

Fleetwood Mac

The Trickster....... Kooza

Cirque Art Gipsy Kings Flamenco Dancers
I am having a wonderful summer, I decided to just relax this summer with my hubby and family. I will do some local flea markets in July & August. I still have to take a 2 week course for my HHA certification but I am giving myself the summer to do it :) So YAY for me! I already went to so many great places so far, Kooza Cirque Du Soleil@ Randall's Island, Gypsy Kings @BBKings Jazz Club and Yes Fleetwoof Mac at the Garden!!!!!!!!!!!
I Loved Fleetwood Mac, Do you know the fabulous Stevie is 61!!!?? I could not believe it, but she said it herself! What a hot mama at 61!!!!!!!!!!!! She looks like she is in her 40's Wow.......Anyways she always wears the most amazing outfits all flowy and gypsyish and she still sounds incredible! They said since they are doing a concert and were not promoting any new album at the moment that they just wanted to have fun and do all the songs they loved. So basically the concert was like a greatest hits CD. Amazing @!!!!! Lindsey, I have to say is a master at the guitar I really could go on all night, we had such fun :)
Kooza was one of the best shows ever and now I am even more hooked on Cirque and want to get all the Cd's and DVD's for inspiration and because their shows are so unique and just beautiful. I am getting seats to their winter production of Wintuk, I heard it was excellent!
Gipsy Kings was also great! We had dinner in the restaurant inside the club and had the most fabulous pecan pie :) I don't know all their songs but it was okay, it was one pretty song after another! They come from the south of France where my family is from where the border of France and Spain almost meet and there is a a different Gypsy dialect. The flamenco is an enchanting dance and the sound of the acoustic guitars is so melodic, I was so peaceful I closed my eyes and was able to take my own journey :) Yes, I really loved them!
Next is fishing with the hubster and maybe Wicked & Stomp.......... I really want to see that!

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