Friday, May 22, 2009

Baby Birdie Finds Her Mammy

New Home He has a good grip :)
I was in my backyard hosing down my patio when something was flying so low it almost hit me in the head, so when I turned around to see what it was, it was a baby fledgling, I know because I looked it up LOL :) Already to take it in and "help" it. So it loves water and it does fly sort of so that is good and it also doesn't seem to be hurt which makes it have more of a chance. I just seen its Mammy and she has come to claim her baby so when the baby saw her he went right to her and she fed him. I didn't know this but although the baby is on the ground it still has the odds in its favor because the mammy bird will continue to feed him and teach him the is the most dangerous but necessary stage in a bird's life. So if I had taken the little one in I would have really be "hurting" him, I would have left him in a nesting pot anyways and hoped the Mammy would get him eventually. It worked out even better because the Mammy will keep him safe, she is a pretty red robin and I even saw a male red robin with the little poofy on his head so I think this Birdie will be fine :)

Its hard to see but this is Mammy and baby :)

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