Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas And Art Doll Talk

Handmade By Me Glass Bead Necklace With Crystals And Hand Of Fatima To Bring Luck I am at home today for the holidays! The hubby has to work so we will have a beautiful late night dinner where I have planned to make delicious breaded flounder with lemons and fresh dried herds, mashed potato, zucchini and yams :) I was baking yesterday and made my tasty chocolate biscotti which came out so fabo! Today I am still feeling festive and my wonderful baker cousin gave me a whole bunch of recipes including one of my faves Lindsey Tarts, so I am going to see about making some more cookies today :) So does that sound good or what? Me and the hubby actually got each other stuff online so we didn't go crazy with the holiday hoopla and still got great stuff...............I got him 2 pairs of shoes, that he really needed and he got me all sorts of art stuff, from , so you see where I am at :) I also got Martha Stewart glitter and I have to say these really blow all my other glitters out of the water, they are superfine and the colors are so brilliant! They are the best I have seen :) I still am going to do some fun artsy stuff today, later tonight me and the hubby will sip our Hot Chocolate, and I will put the finishing touches on my ornaments and watch some Christmas movies in coziness and love of course with my furry babies :) Well that is about it, I am off to get my baking ingredients together and I also included another piece of jewelry I made a few nights ago when I had trouble sleeping. I also have been working on the Goddess collage pages and it not only is fun but makes me feel empowered to take control of my self and do what I need to do for me. I have been wanting to make traditional paper dolls for a while and I did make a few and it just gave me more inspiration and sparked some new ideas to take it to another level and really try to make them more unique. I will post a few of my art paper dolls and my fun and finished ornaments, after Christmas. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year To All!

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