Monday, November 24, 2008

YAY ME!!! Blah Blah Blah On Just Doing It!!!

So this was my second night, that I began the 3wk challenge and walking and although it was like 0 degrees out and I had my sexy thermals and gloves and looked frightful I didn't care because I felt delightful :) It wasn't that bad the hardest part was getting ready to do it. I procrastinate, the dishes aren't done Oh no the phone's ringing.... I worked today and I was sooooo tired and on and on. Until I looked in the mirror and said Hello in there, "You have to do this, how are you supposed to get healthy?" Unless the fairy godmother is going door to door, then I am the only one capable of doing this for myself! I want that for me! It is my time to do this for myself! This applies to everything don't put off tomorrow what you can do today. Just Do It, we all know these little slogans, but guess what, they mean nothing without action, It applies also to our art. Just make some! I made a cute little drawing yesterday and tonight I still have to get some stuff at Michael's, but when I get home. I am making my ornament and post pics of it tomorrow and that's that. Talk to you soon I got to get stuff done. xoxox Michele
These Beautiful Roses Are For All My Art Pals, Who Actually Read My Blog!........ Thank YOU!!!!If You Can Just Be Thankful For What You Already Have, Then You Are Already Ahead Of The Game........ Dream And Allow Those Dreams To Happen.......You Are Wonderful! Just Give Karma A little Push :) Walk, Laugh, Love,Sing, Make Art ! If You Have Any Stories To Share About How You Started Your Challenge...............Please Share :)

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