Friday, November 21, 2008

Just Some Blah Blah Blah On Life

This was something I had written back in August, when I went through a life changing situation. I am ok now, but I will always be heartbroken........ It just seemed to make me feel better about the whole twisted situation, so I wanted to share it.........
Lots change but sometimes it all seems like it stays the same. I still remember going to get ice cream as a kid with my grandpa, and talking over tea with my grandmother.........where have those times gone? Why can' t things stay the same, and still change? I guess that when you have some rough patches in your life, you begin to ponder on a lot of things and look back to the past for answers or clues that led up to this point, at least I do. I have found some of the answers I was looking for some good, some bad. I was still always brought back to the same conclusion. Life just happens and we are all along for the ride! Somethings can't be undone or changed but tomorrow is a new day. I feel that right now in this point in my life, I understand that life is just a cycle. You must choose how you want to live your life and you have to let things that are negative, just brush off you like little pieces of life's leftovers that you don't have any room for. I guess when you have a wandering soul like me the only choice you have to make it in the real world is to make your own way and that is what I realize I must do. I have been doing flea markets and doing wonderfully! I feel so complimented when someone wants something I created. I have gotten a few custom orders on my handpainted trinket boxes which was really fun to do. I want to do so many things and I am starting to do them :) I am really happy about creating my art. I believe that we all have a purpose in life and I feel that my purpose is to help bring joy to people through my arts. We all need joy in our life no matter what that is, and if we don't know what that thing is that will make us complete then you have to find it. I made so many beautiful new jewelry pieces, and you could just check my shop out on Etsy. shop to see them. I also have been making some really pretty altered art pieces and different art dolls and very interesting beads made out of paper. My inspirations are my good memories and the serenity of the beach and the colorful and extravagance of the Victorian era. I think my love of art has pulled me through a very heartbreaking time in my life and has made me more focused and realize that somethings that I obsessed about were really trivial in essence. To people who think art is a waste of time or as a very unenlightened and narrow minded lady told me that it was immaturity, like drawing and painting and hand blowing my very own glass beads makes me unworthy as a person because I don't fit into the tiny little stereotypical little box that every one must fit into. If anything I thinks it gives me an edge because not only am I a good wife and nuturing spirit to the people I love around me, but I can do something that not everyone can. I love and keep my identity which makes for a happy marriage and I earn money on my own terms! So that small minded little unhappy lady doesn't get to bring me down, we are in America and everyone has a right to their opinion. I come to realize that I have a beautiful spirit and need to let go and accept only good in my life. I call it the Love Filter Factor which is a huge heart shaped pink glittery strainer that only allows happiness and love into your life. Imagine that every time someone hurts you just don't let it affect your life, don't let someone Else's unhappiness become your own, we all have to do what is best for ourselves before we can do for others. Be happy today because tomorrow is not guaranteed. I am happy that I was lucky enough to find my husband Chris because he always has my best interests at heart and knows the real me and still loves me for who I really am. Find your Happiness even if it means going to Starbucks and just allowing yourself to have a super yummy latte and just chilling and letting yourself just have a quiet moment. Live life in the moment. Thanks for listening to all my randomness about life, every now and again I think we all have these very real emotional moments and I wanted to share mine. See you all at Starbucks :)

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