Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Has anyone used this? What Are You Saying Yes To Challenge From Suzi Blu

I saw this product and wanted to know if anyone has used this. I was just curious I already have the Liquitex iridescent tinting medium which makes any color shimmer, but I guess what I really am looking for at the moment is something that I could use to make any paint color more transparent and fluid without being shimmery but more flat.
I love to paint and have done many paintings and sketches that I was too afraid to share.
I am saying YES!!!!! to the possibility of being more open to letting people see my art, even if I think it sucks! So as I progress on my journey to be the best me I can be, I will be sharing my art. I even will share my poetry that I have locked away.
I don't want to keep secrets from myself anymore. I want to be open like the countryside where red poppy flowers bloom and cobblestone streets are still untouched and the breeze is so crisp and cool that it is able to dry my tears.

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