Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day Of The Dead Sketch

I felt today was a different day for me, I haven't been much into making art lately and today I did, and I feel like Wow! things are really not so bad. I did a new sketch today, it is a little dark but not in a bad way. I think this piece is different and can be taken many ways, but mostly it's just a fun, colorful sketch.
I grew up in the 90's, so I really loved this series My So Called Life, it was not on very long, but I remember being the same age as the character and going through my own mini dramas as well. I have lots of old poetry about love and the rejection of love and the heartaches of love growing up.
I want to start writing more poetry that is truth to me now, as a Crafty Domestic Goddess, who has come a long way and is on a journey of acceptance of my life and myself and boost my sometimes fragile spirit.

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