Thursday, October 2, 2008

Artists Relate

Make Your Own Magic Hello Fellow Sparkle Queens :) Over the week I had to get some much needed goodies, I got some blending pencils and graphite pencils. I also got beautiful metallic watercolor pencils from derwent! They were only like $15, I think, but they are really good quality and will add some sparkle to my work. I have been trying the shading and I really think I need that blender pencil so I ordered 3 :) I have to put some more work into it today, even though I have a flea market going on this saturday. I don't know if it is just me, but I always feel like I am somewhere behind where I want to be, and not living for the moment at times, just rushing around like some sort of bobble head . I have to try to change that. I have a great recipe for some yummy treats that I will put up later...........A recipe from my beloved grandmother, who made beautiful upside down pear and apple tarts. Us frenchies, know how to bake :) If anyone is in the NYC Queens area, Saturday 10/4/08 at Our Lady Of Hope School, which is located in Middle Village on Eliot Avenue, this will be where I will be selling my Glass and Gemstone Jewelry and a few other pretty things, it opens at 9AM Till At least 5PM. I love to make stuff and try new things. I would love to own a store where I can sell paintings, jewels, vintage stuff and all kinds of really gorgeous shabby cottage chic furniture that i can paint and restore. I guess that is one of my dreams. What are yours? Don't you dare forget them! I now, have a healing journal where I write all the things that I want and deserve in my life and look at it to remind me of all the possibilities that are out there. This wonderful pink haired lady named Suzi Blu, with her free spirit and kind words was able to unleash so much creative passion in so many of us who thought we lost it. For me it is not so much as what the paintings look like, it is more of the sheer joy I have while trying to learn something new. Of course, in the process I fell in love with LES PETIT DOLLS. I hope that we all will continue on this path, to challenge ourselves and become the you that you want to be :) I know along the way sometimes the people that you will meet will change your life forever. I hope to make a difference in just one persons life. Be your own cheerleader, in the end does it really matter that someone did not like your art? Not really, you still have to pay your rent and go on with your life. My mom thinks making art in general is a waste of time, reserved to elite old men who paint the countryside. I don't have any friends who are there to support me, so what do I do, I listen to myself and keep on doing what I want anyways. I have a great man in my life who understands me and my need to create, so I think this is really all I ever needed, although I would not mind being friends with all of you crafty divas out there :) So I will put that recipe up when I get a minute. I know everyone can relate to what I am saying, I felt alone at times, and all I really needed was to just believe that I can get through and I did and you can too, just do and just be you. Ok I know, it is perfectly normal for adult women to be silly sometimes, why not, we all enjoy laughing why not do more of that and not take yourself so seriously! Please the sky will not fall down if you made a funny! Whatever that may be :) All the best for everyone out there, Michele

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