Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Pursuit Of Happiness

My place where everything just melts away is Royan France.
I actually never had a blog before I always felt that it was too personal but I think in order to recieve good things in life, you must give, even if it is a glimpse into a restless soul. I have always had a love of creating. It all began when I was five and started drawing sketches of ladies in beautiful clothing. My grandmother was a seamstress for Oscar De La Renta, and other top designers of her day and she was a perfectionist. My grandmother was my biggest role model growing up and she was like a Martha Stewart, she was the one who was creative and I loved her so for being so, so I can never be anything but crazy, cooky, and of course creative! I always had a love of sparkly things so I have gotten into all types of jewelry making from metalsmithing to glass bead making to mixed media pendants. I started my creative journey back with Wreath making and Floral Arranging in Boca Raton Florida, even though I do not make as many wreaths as I used to at the moment. I also make mosaics, pretty boxes and creative collage paintings. I wanted to start a blog to create a positive outlet for my thoughts, to recieve feedback on my work, and to keep a journal of my Pursuit to Happiness.

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