Saturday, August 6, 2011

Step By Step

I have many thoughts of how my life will change now that Isabella will be arriving next week either the 13th or 14th.....................I am going to be induced because I am over my due date and she's growing growing growing. This was unexpected but what can you do. Hopefully labor will not take too long but I am realistic and know that It will most likely take a day in a half. I guess it is just one of those things that you have to just let go and just try to not get too overwhelmed with thought. I try to see the positives in any situation and I am happy that my whole family will be there to support me. My mom's side/Dad's side/Hubby's side which is really wonderful I have to say, even if we have our differences in the family, I know I can depend on them all. I even have some wonderful older neighbors who are like surrogate grandparents who are always kind to us. I don't think I always appreciated people in my life as much as I should of, that has changed now and I am really happy that Isabella will have all these people around her who will adore her.
Anyways I was just thinking.......
I will tell you living in New York in my opinion is just the most expensive place one can live. It is a great place to be, but I am in love with a slower and simpler lifestyle. I always wanted to move upstate or out of state for this reason. There can be lots of red tape to having your own business and to sell at fleas here in NYC, not to mention really high booth fees. Some places can be over $180 for a weekend day! I lived in Florida for a few years and I had my own business and I did well and it was a very different experience than what I have experienced here.
We do LOVE Williamsburg, Brooklyn because it is really a great place for the artsy folks and has many great places to eat and shop. Also Starting September, I hope to do at least one flea market weekend a month, I love being at flea markets, you meet some really cool people and it will keep me motivated to make new art. I like this spot (link below) for selling, I sold here and it was a great experience and the vibe was right.
Well that is it for now.

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