Monday, August 29, 2011

In Love With Isabella

What a sweet girl. She is the most perfect and beautiful baby. She giggles and makes cute little noises and even snorts sometimes when she eats. She cries at night at times but when I hold her she stops for the most part. I thought I was going to be doing fleas and working on jewelry HAHAHAHAHAHA so naive. Anyway i work for her now LOL I find myself holding her pacifier for her at night so she doesn't cry. My Bella has the cutest wardrobe ever and right now she is sporting a green onesie that says MOM'S SUNSHINE, which just melts me. That is part of being a parent, a really great part. Her father Chris could not be more excited and really has helped soooo much while he was off for two weeks, now that he is back to work, I have to do most of the child caring, (Big Shocker)but we will work something out when he gets home so I could rest too.

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