Friday, October 8, 2010

Well Looks like Fall is really here, because of course I am sick! I have been sick for a few days now and laying around really sucks. I am feeling a bit better so I thought I would say HI :) Halloween is right around the corner and I am happy to say that I will defiantly be getting into my favorite holiday's spirit! Tomorrow I am off to get a few Eerie things to put around the house, like fall flowers and hay bails and of course pumpkins!!!! This year I am going to make even spookier pumpkins than last year and I will light them with a battery operated flickering candle, so I never have to worry about burning the house down. LOL. I already have some small skeletons that I think I am going to glitter in black and gold and hang them on my porch....and I want to make some DAY OF THE DEAD masks. I will show ya pics of what I did.
Anyway so that is what I will be doing this weekend. In addition to that I am planning a lovely getaway to Salem, Mass for Halloween............... I love it there and have been a few times I will of course be visiting the scariest place on earth Hammond Castle. All I can say is that a few years back I did the whole haunted house thing and I love that sort of thing it's fun to be scared, but this place was on another level and if you do have heart problems, Don't Go, Good Luck, well, they do have ambulances and EM T's on premises. MUAHHHHHH I can't wait :)

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