Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What The Hell! Don't Waste Stuff Give It To An Artist! LOL

I was just looking around the blog world, and I saw a few challenges that seemed fun, but none jewelry related so I thought I may create my own for myself. I looked through a few of my salvages that I found at a flea market, one being an old jar of buttons and came across some odd squares that I may be able to make something wonderful with! The metal is thick and good quality so I want to wave my magic wand and create something altered and unique. I will then sell on my Etsy shop. Here are the pieces I am working with. There are about 10 of those, I think.
I am looking foreword to making something fabulous out of something that was discarded. I believe in second chances, even in jewelry! I recycle glass when I make my lamp work beads. I just hate waste. I think I will have to work on re purposing more things into my art and life.

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