Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lucky Loves Rescue Ink

I call him my Lucky Love, he is sweet, so very sweet. I couldn't imagine my life without his antics. He snorts when he eats so I call him Little Piggy. He snores and has nightmares at night. He chases the cats and sometimes does naughty things. He loves to burrow in our blankets and will growl if anyone but me gets near him. He is an awful fuss when it comes to getting a nail trim. All in all, I love him very much and am so grateful he was chosen to be my little furry companion. He was very sick as a puppy due to his being a puppy mill pup. I didn't know that then, but it explains his utter lack of care and the frightened state he was in when I got him. Through TLC my best bud is simply perfect and healthy. Some animals aren't that lucky.
Have you heard about the tough guys helping save abused and tortured animals?
If you love animals. Be Aware.

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