Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wanna Unplug? More Jewels On My Etsy Take A Look

I am limiting my computer usage because to be honest I think that my shabby pink laptop is the greatest invention ever, it also is such a time sucker lol that is it wastes so much time in a day. I used to be soooo productive and didn't even watch TV that much now my tv and laptop are always on. So I am limiting my computer usage, I still will be able to check emails, in all honesty who the hell really needs to check emails all day. I am going to set my life my have different priorities. This is my choice, sometimes when I shut my TV off at night I feel like Neo from the Matrix movies and just breathe a sigh of relief because I feel UN plugged. I think for right now in my life that I will be selling at flea markets, I just need those wasted minutes and seconds wasted on here. Hell, I don't even have a cell phone and I DO NOT text, if I like you I will call you and if I really like you I will invite you over for coffee and if YOUR phone rings 25 times I will ask you to shut the f%$%^ thing off. I used to have a friend who used to be having a conversation with me and someone else would call her and she would blab about nothing for 10 min and then get back to me, as we were at lunch or wherever! I was soooo hurt because I would be in the middle of trying to talk about something important. Anyways I never want to be that person. We need to really connect with each other again, I mean if you can't talk to people without texting and emailing are they really that close to you anyway why bother if we don't even want to put effort into calling a friend or not texting constantly! So sickening. Just be aware of how much time your computer sucks out of your day it may surprise you, it did me and I am changing that, more art less eye strain. I still love ya my art buddies :) Look out for more stuff coming to my Etsy site!

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