Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thanks for those who commented on the previous post, please feel free to continue commenting. I just want to see if what I do is in line with what artists do. I like to create in the afternoon and sometimes really late at night. But I find it does shift sometimes to what I'm doing in my life. I also think weather, plays a part, I like to paint but I absolutely LOVE making jewelry so my hubster is making the backyard pretty for me and I will love so much to sit there under my white tent that I got last year and a sweet little fountain I got at Home Goods, which by the way is my Holy Grail for great pieces and even furniture, Anyways it was a steal at $50 bucks and is the color of terra cotta riles with a large basin and a huge coy fish where the water comes out and is so soothing and pretty it also has a wrought iron stand it is quite heavy and well made for the money I must say. I live in an urban area, but when I am in my garden I think I start to feel so much better, and my tent offers privacy. In May I will start planting and it really will be gorgeous. I love shabby chic so that's the direction I am going in with the yard. I want to get lots of lavender plants and some herbs.

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