Thursday, April 1, 2010

C'Mon People Support Farmers & Artists

I was looking at some places and I found a flea market for me, The Meeker Street Flea in Williamsburg they are open 7 days a week and are indoors, I am in the final stages now and I am so ready to take the leap, although I swear I feel sooooo good about this venture, it still is a bit scary. I believe that we all are made with gifts that we are given, I love interacting with people and making art, so this is why I know everything will be OK. So now I am really into promoting Creations From The Soul because I need it for me and my bills! I am cleaning out the garage tomorrow because I want to be outdoors when I need to get messy with my spray paints. It is so nice to be outside in this beautiful weather anyways, it will be good for me. Since I always loved flea markets even as a young girl, I remember loving all the bric brac colorful wonder of it all. So I am going to begin customizing furniture that I find at fleas and such sorts and give them my own Lil bit of whimsy. I can begin doing this sooooon. I think there is a return to the values we place on older things now, we are moving away from the throw it all away generation which is fine by me because if we all stopped and really thought about the shit we buy we would realize that 99% are not necessities but are items we lust for or think we need to feel better about ourselves. If we stop buying all those useless things in the long run there would be so much less waste in the world. I see a return to handmade, handcrafted items now and it makes my heart sing but we as a society we have been corn fed like cattle to be full on the garbage that our government doles out and super low prices of Wallmarts and the like who take advantage and their workers who are for the most part somewhere in an underprivileged country. Well those are jobs Americans should have working in an American based chain..... but nope...... Sigh........... It's all shit so please support your local fleas and farmers markets and Please Please, don't gasp at our price tags, we are Americans trying to feed our families and making beautiful, made with love, handcrafted merchandise that is unique and not going to fall apart or made at the expense of some poor child in Asia somewhere.

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