Friday, December 4, 2009

Getting Wisdom Teeth Out/ Have You Gotten Your Wisdom Teeth Out?

I have been so uncomfortable for the past week! I am suffering from a wisdom tooth infection! AHHHH it is a constant pain that only subsides when I take a vicadin! Before this I only took Tylenol occasionally so for me, I feel very groggy which I don't like but it beats the throbbing pain! I have oral surgery next week to take 3 out of the 4 wisdom's out because the one is in pain and infected and the two on the upper part of my mouth cause my teeth to shift so it may be only a matter of time that they will hop on to another tooth's nerve, lovely right? I will be sedated so my doc says why not get them all out because it will be cheaper and why go through another surgery, I tend to agree. So I will be going this Tuesday morning, I think the surgery will be like 2 hours and then I will wake up have my hubby drive me home so I can rest. I guess I will be on pain killers for a while, and I was told that I have to eat soft foods and pretty much liquids for 24 hrs which is fine by me................. even now I lost a few pounds because obviously when your in pain really in pain you don't care if your eating. Yogurt and soup is pretty much it for the last week. Did anyone else ever have their wisdom teeth taken out if so, tell me what it was like! Thanks all, Michele

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