Monday, November 2, 2009

Tooth Problems

I have been in so much PAIN the last 2 nights with a horrible tooth ache.............I had to actually go to the dentist! Which was overdue for me anyways. I need a root canal YAY FUN! I have a broken tooth. I never had one before, my teeth were always pretty good so I am on antibiotics to lessen the infection and in about a week I go back for the joyous root canal! I guess what I am most afraid of is the needle, but I am glad that I will be out of my misery soon, and I know there are worse things LOL I think I will make a tooth fairy painting in honor of the whole tooth hoopla :) I can't wait for this weekend, I am going upstate for the weekend,a whole weekend to just mellow out and clear my head of the noise. I hope the weather holds up I plan to go hiking in the woods and drinking coffee by the fireplace and to hang out with my family around a fire pit eating marshmallows :)

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