Sunday, October 25, 2009

All My Fav Artists & Using Skulls In Art

I got some cool stuff today at the craft store. I got skull heads AND actual whole mini skeletons, 5 inches in length 6 in a pack! I figure those will be perfect for my shrines. I can't wait till all the Halloween stuff goes on clearance and then I will stock up on bats and creepy crawlies LOL I just want to glitter the hell out of everything! Is that normal? LOL These skulls and macabre decorations really appeal to my dark side just as much as pretty girl paintings and cupcakes in pinks :) I also got some barrette blanks so I will make some skull love for my hair, some mini glittered skulls in the middle if some black feathers. I finished some clay projects and I have to take the pics to show ya how cute they came out! this site has a tutorial on making your own altars, it may be a little different to what you may have thought. CASTILLO FAMILY
I like to share with you all some of the artist who inspired me, I always give them the credit they deserve which is why I mention them in the first place, to share their brilliance! I have a blog for me, it's cool if you like my blog, but it is really for me. My way of reaching out and connecting with the world especially like minded artsy folk :) It is my artistic journal and sometimes personal confident where I share what I am inspired by or what I am doing or feeling at the time. I don't really care about how many followers I have, or writing every day to keep up with the Jones, hell I have no use for texting either, and I am NOT on facebook. I am just a nice artsy girl who enjoys looking and the feeling of making cool art using cool shit :)
I also love this issue of Somerset Studio, there are so many cool things, I LOVE the Article/ Art, by Lisa Kaus, she used a dirty pink, warm green, olive to create a few boxes and good God they are so flicking fabulous and its only with three colors! A while back while searching for some hardware at Home Depot, I passed by the paint section and saw three paints just sitting there already mixed and on their way into oblivion, so I asked if I could buy them and they came out to like $1.00 each! The colors were a shabby pink, cream, and the loveliest turquoise blue. I was so happy and now I am inspired to create something wonderful with my own palette :) Just look at Lisa's work!



Also there was another artist in there that I LOVE Suzi Blu, I love all her classess and have taken them all! LOL I like that type of shabby, cool, grungy, art. I like art stuff and feeling a texture on a painting. I learned to really look at my art supplies in a new way.................... and it has been awesome :) So go out there my art peeps and try some new stuff, I certainly cannot wait for tomorrow, where I have an art date, with myself even if you are a Miss Busy Bee, you can spare 15 minutes to glitter or draw something at least twice a week, whatever start small...........but start :) The TV is not your friend it will suck time and brain power out of your life, and I am right there with ya being a TV Zombies


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