Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What The Hell? I Love This SUV

I swear it is soooo hard to get by these days, which is why I am going back to school...............We need another car and the banks and dealerships are sooooo evil, they are really all about just getting you! There is even penalties in your financing/lending contract that penalize you for paying the lenders back too soon! Say Hello Interest. Could you believe that I sure can't. I am hoping that somehow everything will work out, I am not setting myself back because I have done that so many times and it is hard to get back on track. This time regardless of what else is going on and what else needs to get paid I am putting me first and I along with the hubby, will muddle through. I will have some money saved before October for school anyways, so I know it will be fine. Anyways me and my husband always loves suv's because I do flea markets and it's a pain lugging and fitting all that stuff in a regular car, been there done that and I am going for the comfort now :) This is one of our choices, I think it is a practical and will be my newest car ever, which I guess is a good thing, I am tired of driving around in unreliable clunkers especially because I happen to get anxiety about being stranded and tires going flat and all sorts of crazy things like the car not starting ( which are unfortunately the downfalls of having a car that is 15 yrs old lol ) I just hate that it is all about the money, I try to do good things and hopefully Karma is gonna get me like John Lennon said :)

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