Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Working For What? Happiness! Is It Possible?

Just some ads that were in a magazine and I really liked them, and thought you may too :)
I don't know why I feel so frustrated! I think I make nice jewelry, but it doesn't seem to sell well online. It could be the economy, but I opened up my shop in 2007, and I only got a few sales.
I don't know what else to do to boost online sales, short of "manning" my shop 24-7 and be "annoying" in chat rooms and all over the Internet, just trying to promote myself LOL .
I try to think positively and have the notion that if you make beautiful items that people will somehow find out about such a wonderful little shop like mine.
I am trying to revamp my shops a bit, maybe a breath of fresh air is all that is needed. Who knows, I now feel like I am making jewelry for myself LOL .....which on the upside is that I will have fabulous new creations to flaunt and adorn myself :)
I know it is not all about selling, it is about process and it really does make me so so happy to paint and make jewelry so that really is good enough for me :)
I seem to do very well when I do flea markets/green markets. I wish I could do all these fleas, but the problem is I live in NY and almost every good venue will not let someone set up a table without a Tax Id. Uncle Sam wants in, even on my measly$200 or so...........Like God forbid, I make a little extra cash! WOW....... I could buy food and pay some super inflated bills! It is just so sad what is happening to small business and even smaller business that won't ever have a chance because of all these contradictory rules and regulations.
Even though these things are a reality and one has to be aware, there are still a few cool venues out there and I am in the process of trying to find them in my area. I know I will never stop making art and jewelry so I have to figure out a way to make it all work out. My ultimate goal is to make a consistent living doing what I love. I have lots of time to do this now so I will make the most of my time.
I am going to take some classes this September at Studio Jewelers in Manhattan. I just want to know more about the process of making and repairing jewelry.
Know what you love, Love what you know...........

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