Saturday, March 28, 2009

What A Nice Day!

Today I have some errands to take care of but after that I am free and am taking my little Lucky out walking. He likes walking and hates the cold, I guess it is because he doesn't have much hair and weighs all of 10 pounds! It still amazes me that a little being so small could bring so much love to our hearts and home :) My Kitty is also a dear love, who had her first bath and she may be the only cat in the world, who really did not seem to care, I was expecting her to freak out, after she got out of the tub, but instead my husband picked her up and she stayed with him a while licking her paws and covered in a towel, no protest or unhappiness what so ever! I was so surprised because my Jasmine is a little bit of a wild cat, but I guess she is just mellowing with age aren't we all LOL. After all that I was sure she would go hide but actually stayed in the doorway of the bathroom and did not move even when me and the hubby walked by, so I left her with treats and a warm furry blanket to sit on so she could be peaceful and then at night she came to sleep with us as she usually does. So all is well in the home :)

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