Monday, October 13, 2008

Blah Blah Blah Art/ Salem

What I want to be for Holloween What will you be? I am trying to go to Salem this year with the hubby I have gone there at Halloween time and it was always just magical! The haunted houses, the candy apples and the scary witch stories! You just can't get any better than that :) I think I will try to go every year I just love Holloween and where better to spend it than in Salem. I will be a doll this year, I think it is because I have been drawing Les Petit Dolls relentlessly :) I worked on a painting today it did not come out the way I planned the face got all peely and the paint ran it was a mess and ya know what I don't care I will make another face for my dolly and make her 3D :) I just want to add her to my blank walls in my little art room to make it brighter and more inspirational in there. I love the Golden's Glazing in Satin, for Acrylics, I couldn't afford all these expensive paints although I still want to get a few to try, but this glazing medium and the iridescent medium which makes the acrylics you have more see through is really doable on a budget. I got them from the Website Miss Suzi Blu suggested for around $20 inc shipping for

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