Monday, February 11, 2008

We Need An Indie Flea Market In Queens! Do You Agree?

Hello Everyone

Here is my display that I will use for an upcoming show. I thought it was so sweet!

I have many more jewels to add and the show is slowly approaching in March.

I will be doing shows this coming spring in Brooklyn.

I hope to find other flea markets that are closer to me I live in Queens.

I wish there was a great flea market in Queens where local artists can sell their goodies and not have to pay expensive boothe fees.

I actually had an idea regarding this issue and if anyone feels like I feel contact me and judging by the responses I will put my plan to action.

I think that Queens needs some revitalizing because in some neighborhoods there is really nothing like a local , weekly, non expensive flea market where people are selling jewelry or creative collage paintings and art.

I think this would be a great idea and people can have a place to go to buy handmade not mass produced goods . There is no balance here I feel. It will also bring art to a community in need of some revamping and family fun as well.

Don't be shy I really want to hear from as many as possible, especially if YOU live in Queens!

I also would like to know if any artists would like to share a booth with me, it would be a lot more cost effective.

Thanks so much everyone :)

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